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V’aryssa Reaux

Co-lead of Snowdrift Company


Who is Miss Reaux?

A blonde sun seeker with a tan complexion, there is little doubt that the Miqo’te hails from an arid landscape with sun-baked sands. Her features are striking, with bright turquoise eyes that pierce forward to look beyond naturally blonde curtain bangs which hang down to frame her face.

V’aryssa looks like the soft of woman who would be found on the beach with a fruity drink within her grasp, which is a very accurate description as to how she spends most of her free time.  Unassuming in stature and hating of pants, she has more than one person that chides her for being something akin to a ‘trophy catte.’


Injuries:  Miss Reaux carries the injuries of someone who has lived a difficult life but refused to surrender to the world around her. Adorning the bridge of her nose is a scar, a slice that was earned likely in some fight long ago and since faded. Upon her left cheek is a similar mark, though it seems to be much deeper and more lasting.

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Her History

V’aryssa is a seeker of the sun belonging to the vulture tribe, which can be assumed to hail from somewhere amidst the sands near Ala Mhigo. Her childhood was one that you would expect, filled with tough choices forged from a will to survive. She hardly speaks of those times, seeming content to look forward.

Miss Reaux, as she is known to many, has clearly known the highs and lows of life. What can be noted plainly of her is that watching those around her get abused and enslaved was enough to instill the notion that the weak do not survive in this world. Forced to scrape and toil to avoid some of the more distasteful fates, V’ary would eventually claw her way to power in an effort to escape the life she was leading

Current Life

Life brings about many changes and V’aryssa has seen her fair share of them.  Over time, the seeker has grown to understand the value of friendship amongst her peers.  In her younger years she would use people and discard them as long as it met her goals.

Now, with a renewed sense of purpose, Miss Reaux is co-leader of an organization of mercenaries known simply as Snowdrift Company.  The woman has also tempered her attitude some and is finding it easier and easier to make friends within the world while balancing the demands and stresses that leadership bring.

RP Hooks

Miss Reaux has been in the limelight from time to time with her various connections and dealings.  Some things are good, some things are bad.  Here is a list of examples as to why a character may know of V’aryssa.

  • She is a member of the Vulture tribe.
  • V’aryssa was born in Ala Mhigo.
  • The seeker has run many different free companies.
  • She grew up in Ul’dah on the streets for a time.
  • Miss Reaux is often found on the beach.
  • Rumors constantly swirl about her and her methods.
  • She is known to be skilled with a katana or firearm.

Out Of Character

Thank you so very much for reading my little profile!  It’s pretty fun to give life to a character in the game and I really enjoy it.

I’ve been RPing for way way too long, getting my start back in Yahoo! chatrooms of all things, so I have quite a few years of experience in writing stories with other people.

I’m generally pretty friendly OOC and like to give people the benefit of the doubt.  I’m not adverse to ERP or mature themes at all if the story takes things in that direction, but I’m not here just to ERP.  I take joy out of interacting with the in-game world at large.


Roleplay Style:  Adaptive Roleplayer, will try to match your post length.

Themes:  Anything, really!  Slice of life to mature, it’s all story to me!

Fighting Style:  I don’t mind roll fights or RP fights.  My rule of thumb is that I should win 40% of my fights and lose the other 60%.

Limits:  I’d prefer people check with me if there is anything related to disfigurement or death.

Discord is Tracey#0001